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Buying a home can seem daunting, no matter whether it is your first or tenth (or something in between). At Tewes Mortgage, we have one goal: to simplify that process, period. We’re dedicated to developing your purchase into a seamless and painless transaction. We do so with three easy steps:

Number 1

The Application

Our user-friendly application shouldn’t take too long. It’ll give you the chance to let us know exactly where you’re at and what your goals are.

Number 2

The Documents

We’ll then ask you for some documentation to confirm what’s on the application. Your security is our #1 concern; therefore, we use a secure portal for you to upload what’s needed.

Number 3

Go Shopping

You’ll be given your buying power as well as your ‘sweet spot’ to go out and start shopping. At that point, we’ll do some shopping of our own to get you the best rate & loan for your scenario.

Ready to get started?